you’re dumb as heck if u still think i’m going to change my opinion on nash grier

yes, he’s done some stupid shit in the past. but haven’t we all?? plus i’ve gotten to spend time with him and he’s actually really nice.

i don’t give a shit if you don’t like him, but please stop coming to me or…


Breakdown of the 5sos Album

  • She Looks So Perfect: "You should wear my underwear more often ;) and also run away with me this town sucks"
  • Long Way Home: "whoops I ACCIDENTALLY got us lost let's make out and talk about life and politics"
  • Greenlight: "Let's bang but with ur consent of course"
  • Amnesia: "my name is calum and i made this song my bitch but in a sad way"
  • End Up Here: "I'm going to boost your confidence but in a punk way"
  • Everything I Didn't Say: "I'm sorry but in a pop punk way"
  • Beside You: "I miss you, but in a pop punk way"
  • Don't Stop: "You should be thinking about listening to this song at a party but all you're gonna think about is us in spandex"
  • Try Hard: "I pierced my lip for you, what more could you possibly want????"
  • Social Casualty: "Hey baby wanna go rebel against authority with me?"
  • Voodoo Doll: "This is our romantic, pop punk version of a restraining order"
  • Heartbreak Girl: "I dedicate this song to you and also the revamp of this song and maybe any other song that's about the friendzone idk"
  • Mrs. All American: "Hello Stacey's mom, I am a nubile young man with lots of stamina and great arms *eyebrow waggle*"
  • Never Be: "Our melodious angst will make you wanna spray paint angsty doodles on buildings"